Kandace Marugg presents

Where Did Mommy Go?

Helping Kids Cope When A Parent Goes Into Treatment


About The Book

This book was written for young children to help them understand why mommy or daddy has to go away for an extended time to a treatment center to "get better." This can seem like a difficult conversation to have with a 3-6-year old. Children of this age may not understand why their parent is going away and can be confused and even frightened. In many cases, they may know on some level that there is something going on, and often a simple explanation will suffice, that mommy or daddy is going away for a while to get better and that they will return soon. Explaining to a child that they will be safe and taken care of while their parent is gone will help them feel confident in this new change in their life.

In this book, Spook's mommy is going to a treatment center so she can get better and doesn't have to drink her strange milk anymore. Parents going into treatment will also benefit by sharing this book with their 3-6-year old, opening up communication and making the explanation easier.

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About The Author

My name is Kandace Marugg. I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Minnesota. I have been in the addiction field for five years. Throughout my experience, I have learned through parents that are struggling with addiction that their kids are too young to understand what is going on and why they have gone into treatment. This is exactly what inspired me to write this book. The main character is actually based on my real-life cat named Spooks.

Book Reviews

“This book offers a direct explanation, with simple language and beautiful illustrations, while addressing a difficult family topic of what is happening when a parent goes to treatment. I am a counselor and a person in recovery, as well as an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, so I know how hard these conversations can be, especially for young children. The book is written in simple language that makes it easy for children to understand. This would be a wonderful resource for parents who are going to treatment. I especially like the Tips and Resource List at the end.“



“I think it's great! I also think it's perfect for the younger age audience to explain and also liked that you put resources in the back. I work in the schools and think this would be great in our elementary schools!“


MALLORY FUCHS, LADC, Chemical Health Specialist

Book Resources

“ I am also a child of parents that were addicts. When I was only three years old my father died from a drug overdose. My little brother and I were taken away from our mother, who was also an addict. Luckily, we grew up with our grandparents. However, when I was 16 years old, I lost my mother to a heroin overdose. This is a reason why I decided to become an alcohol and drug counselor to help put families back together.


I started my counseling journey in Washington State, and worked at an intensive outpatient treatment facility for two and a half years. My fiancé’s job required him to move to Minnesota, so we traveled from Idaho to our new home. I started my Minnesota counseling journey in Waverly for inpatient men for over a year, and then decided to get a job closer to home and worked for a few months in Elk River.


I finally found my counseling home at a residential facility for women. I kept hearing from the ladies that their children weren’t able to understand why they were not home. I knew there was a need for a book to help young children cope when a parent went to a treatment facility to get help.
I was driving home from work one day and a children’s book idea came to me. I didn’t know then if I would do anything with it, but I knew I wanted to help children who were in the same situation as me.“

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